Quicksilver Night


y primary outlet for musical expression, the music of Quicksilver Night incorporates elements from several genres. I describe it as “distilled progressive rock”, employing many of the usual elements of progressive rock such as exotic modalities and composite meters but generally eschewing extended song structures in favor of a more concise songwriting style than is usually associated with the genre. The music is densely woven, yes, but never without a recognizable melody. Any given song might be an instrumental piece or instead might feature vocals but each tries to paint a sonic picture. The lyrics of the vocally-driven Quicksilver Night songs generally reflect a secular humanist philosophy and often explore subjects that relate to our choices in the face of our apparent freewill … and the aftermath of those choices. You can listen to all of the songs at these embedded players below in their entirety but please be aware that you’ll be hearing them as low-bitrate (128) preview MP3s for ease of streaming; the actual downloads of these songs are available in various hi-res and lossless formats.