Prime Mover


rime Mover: 1) The original force in a series of transmissions of force; 2) Any initiating or principal force; 3) Any natural force applied by people to produce power, as muscular energy or flowing water; 4) A machine, as a turbine, that converts a natural force into productive power; 5) In the Aristotelian philosophical tradition, the first cause of all movement, itself unmoved.

Prime Mover in this instance is the collaborative duo of Cory Pettiford and me. Derived from the use of the word as the main vehicle that is used to tow a specific piece of military hardware … itself usually something that went “BOOM!” … we used to perform together in a band under that name a long time ago while we were both stationed together at Fort Rucker, Alabama. All these years later and both of us now living in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, we “get the band back together” every now and again.