Quicksilver Night 2017, What’s in the Works

We’ve resumed work on the forthcoming “Symmetry” album and have made some significant progress so far; my January trip to Nashville was very productive and we came out of that with two completed album tracks, “Child of Spring” featuring the U.K.’s Mike Kershaw on vocals and a newly re-mixed and remastered “Buffalo Head (2017)” with some seriously beefed-up drums and more aggressive guitars than the 2012 version. Both of these songs will be premiered on Friday Night Progressive Internet Radio sometime in February; I’ll announce the specific time and date on facebook. The mid-January studio session also found us making serious additional headway on three other songs: “The Symmetry Overture (feat Farzad Golpayegani)”; “Continuity (feat Lavaman); and “Hephaestus the Cuckold”. Each of these songs is undeniably melodic yet replete with Quicksilver Night’s signature mix of asymmetrical meters and exotic modes; their respective sonic environments also include the sounds of children playing, a music box, a human heartbeat, the sound of an anvil being struck, and assorted industrial machinery. I intend to spend the next few weeks relearning the various guitar parts that we’ve yet to add to “Symmetry” and return to the studio in March to record them. It is sincere my hope that “Symmetry” will be the must-have album among progressive rock fans in 2017 but realistically I just want it to be worthy to be among their ranks regardless of who might take notice and I think we’re on well on our way towards meeting that goal.