Seven Cities Music


e at 7CM are professional musicians, composers, and educators. We are musical idealists at heart but industry realists as well. We are an organization dedicated to supporting local music here in Virginia’s Hampton Roads and encouraging it to grow. At the hub of an ever-growing network, we at 7CM provide the technical expertise, material support, and professional guidance … as well as, sometimes, musical content … to aspiring Hampton Roads artists that are looking to simply get themselves recorded in a professional manner, their “foot in the door.” Not quite a recording studio nor really a record label as such, the musicians that record under the 7CM banner are not contractually bound exclusively to 7CM; we strive to be a springboard, not an anchor. Our various content-driven roles include music production and publication (including both studio reproduction and live audio applications) and also incorporate various aspects of A&R/artist development, marketing, and media relations. I am in the process of outlining my ideas for a brick and mortar activity as 7CM to prospective investors; I am confident that someday soon will see this become a reality. I currently operate as Quicksilver Night Productions in the context of 7CM as an arranger, producer, publisher (ASCAP), and – sometimes – performer for dozens of locally-produced recording projects. These projects are generally very different from the progressive-tinged main body of my work.